Caretaker Continuous Non-Invasive Blood Pressure and Wireless Vital Signs

Wireless, Continuous, Non-Invasive Blood Pressure (CNIBP) and Vital Signs Monitoring From a Simple Finger Cuff

  • Continuous Non-Invasive “Beat by Beat” Blood Pressure and Arterial Waveform (“CNIBP”) from a disposable low-pressure finger cuff

  • Patented Pulse Decomposition Analysis algorithms and AI derive CNIBP, Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate and other hemodynamic parameters

  • Optional wireless sensors include SPO2, ECG, Body Temperature, ENTO2 Capnograph

  • Provides Wireless Beat-by-Beat data and trending for ICU-quality monitoring throughout the full continuum of care

  • Enables remote patient monitoring using the Caretaker Tablet App

  • Automated electronic reports

  • FDA Cleared and CE Certified

Caretaker Display

Systolic (SYS) and Diastolic (DIA) Blood Pressure

Heart Rate (HR)

Arterial Waveform

BP and MAP trend lines

HR and RR trend lines

Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP)

Respiratory Rate (RR)

Pulse Snapshot

Caretaker Components

Wireless Monitor with Display

enables remote patient monitoring from virtually anywhere

Finger Cuff Sensor

Disposable, Comfortable, Simple to Use

Marketing Material

Caretaker Brochure

Clinical Specifications - Data Sheet

Technical Specifications - Data Sheet

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