NeurOs Cerebral Oximetry

The only depth resolved cerebral oximeter  with both regional oxygenation and blood volume, proving to be the most accurate, cost effective, and user friendly cerebral tissue oximetry system on the market

  • Highest Absolute Trending Accuracy of ±1.5% of tissue oxygenation

  • New Blood Volume Index which correlates closely with blood vessel dilation/opening and constriction/collapsing

  • Reusable sensors offer exceptional value with superior signal quality at a fraction of the cost compared to the traditional one time use sensors

  • Straightforward and convenient operating system that can run on either tablet, laptop, computer, or any third-party monitors of your choice

  • Placement: NeurOs sensor on forehead

NeurOs Display

Regional Hemoglobin Saturation (StO2)

BVI Trend Lines

Marked Event

BVI baseline

Variation between current BVI value and BVI baseline

Toggle between 4 channels of readings


Variation between current StO2 value and StObaseline

StOTrend Lines

Blood Volume Index (BVI)

NeurOs Components

Reusable Sensor

offering the best signal quality

Single-Use Adhesive

reducing per patient costs

Key Clinical Applications

Cardiac and Vascular Surgery - monitor oxygen saturation and blood flow

OR, ICU, and Heart Clinics

Cerebral and Tissue Hypoxia

OR, ICU, and Rehabilitation

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