Central Venous Pressure

The First and Only Noninvasive and Continuous Central Venous Pressure Monitoring System

High accuracy  of ± 2.94 cmH2O or ±2.16 mmHg


Measurements can be achieved in a matter of minutes versus hours


Completely noninvasive therefore infection free


Straightforward and convenient operating system that can run on either tablet, laptop, computer, or any third-party monitors of your choice

VENUS 2000 CVP Display

Venous Waveform

 CVP Trend Line

Central Venous Pressure (CVP) measurement

CVP Baseline

Variation between current CVP measurement and baseline CVP 


Components of the VENUS 2000 CVP

Reusable Sensor

non-invasively monitor Central Venous Pressure (CVP)

Single-Use Adhesives

reducing per patient costs

Key Clinical Applications

Heart Failure Management - Early Detection of Venous Congestion 

Heart Clinics, LTC, ED, and ICU

Sepsis Management - Fluid Overload and Tissue Reperfusion

LTC, ED, and ICU

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