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Mespere LifeSciences Inc. is a technology-based medical device innovator focused on non-invasive, disruptive solutions in cardiac and neuro hemodynamic patient monitoring. Our mission is to reduce the need for invasive clinical procedures with non-invasive solutions which are more cost effective, easier to use, safer, painless and improve patient outcomes.

Headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, Mespere is ISO 13485(2016) certified and holds numerous patents on its technologies and products along with FDA clearances, Health Canada licences and CE marks. Mespere solutions are validated via clinical studies and collaboration with key opinion leaders and research institutions globally.

The experienced Mespere management team has significant expertise in lifesciences, biomedical engineering, R&D and manufacturing along with medical device sales & marketing, distribution and disruptive technology introductions.

Mespere is committed to working through distribution partners for the expertise and strong relationships they provide in their markets. In addition, Mespere's breakthrough non-invasive technologies can be easily integrated into multi-parameter monitoring devices and are available to strategic OEMs.


Our mission is to provide integrated, noninvasive, multi-organ hemodynamic monitoring solutions. All of our product development targets to overcome the technical hurdles or limitations of the existing methods, and to provide solutions to unmet critical clinical needs.


Hospital budgets are tight and solutions are needed to help save resources while not compromising patient care. Mespere LifeSciences products have multiple advantages for time and cost savings, as well as optimizing hospital resources. 

Reducing time  needed to conduct a measurement

Reducing per use costs 

Allowing measurements to occur in any clinical setting

Reducing infection rates therefore increasing availability of hospital beds

Any Healthcare professional can conduct a measurement

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