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We aim to provide better solutions for critical clinical needs by reducing the need for invasive clinical procedures. Our technology provides connected, non-invasive solutions, which are more cost effective, easier to use, safer, painless, and improve patient outcomes. Our products can be applied to patients with chronic diseases such as congestive heart failure, early stage renal failure, or septic patients to help provide timely management and improve the quality of life, all while reducing the cost of medical care.  Some of the clinical applications our technology is being used for is: 


Hemodynamic Monitoring  solutions for sepsis, septic shock, ARDS, and organ failure

Fluid Challenge

Quick testing of fluid responsiveness via fluid bolus, passive leg raise, or tilt table protocols

Neuro Trauma
Cerebral Oximetry Vector.JPG

Noninvasive solutions to improve traumatic brain injury (TBI) management

Jugular Vein Distention

Comprehensive cardiac and cerebral hemodynamic monitoring that meets all 3 key montioring aspects

Heart Failure Vector.JPG

Noninvasive measurement of JVD as an indication of intravascular volume status for critically ill patients

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